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We are the world's first on-demand video production service with

an internal market and a complete digital solution. This means clear,

fixed prices with the same quality guarantee you get from a studio.

Small & large budgets. Adapted prices according to quantity, format and execution. Maximize your bang for the buck.

More conversions


avg. increase of

your conversion rate

when using video

Higher engagement


greater social media

engagement with

video content

Increased sales


of consumers use

video when make

purchasing decisions

How much does it cost?

Video is a tool. We help you forge the tool based on your business goals. Whether it means filming, animating, taking photos or cutting, you can trust that we will provide a solution adapted to your needs.

Your case

The type of video, amount and format are also factors that impact the total cost of production. We prioritize transparency so that our clients always know what they are paying for.

Optimize value

From development to finished film - a Light Stage expert is with you all the way. Follow the production in a simple and logical way in our app. All included in the price. Let’s show you how.

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