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World-class creators meet the industry's best digital production system. We transform your brief into content that generates measurable business value for your clients. Save time, money and energy as you grow.

"Light Stage helped us create explainer videos for web and YouTube quickly and affordably."

Roshan Pursharifi, Founder, CoOwnt

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Our professional network strengthens your resources so you can expand your offer as an agency flexibly and risk-free. Produce more content, in more formats, faster than ever. Follow the whole process in the cloud as we transform your creative concepts into image, sound, video & magic.

+100 productions.

Craftmanship at the highest level. Perfection in every little part.

Product videos

Video creators and a digital flow according to your needs. Discover a new way to create

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Stefan Bors
Sune Chee
Erik Hallin
Max Brandhorst-Satzkorn
Adam Odelfelt
Carmelo Salis
Product videos

Video creators and a digital flow according to your needs. Discover a new way to create

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Based on decades of experience, we match you with the right talent and handle all project management. So you can do what you do best.

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with the traditional

production company¹

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From brief to pitch, production and delivery. High production value with video, photo and VFX. Within time and budget, every time.

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We'll discuss a possible partnership based on your needs. If the conditions for a collaboration exist, you can get started in no time. Without commitment.

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When you are ready to get started with a video project, we'll send suggestions from selected creators on how they intend to realize your brief. Easily look over options and specifications.

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Track production online

Our team of experts help you choose the right creator for the project. Sit back and follow the entire process online. Have a full overview of agreements, payments, materials, etc. in a single place.

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