Behind the scenes

Light Stage® is the first AI-powered content studio – based

in Stockholm and dedicated to helping brands and agencies create

powerful, engaging campaigns that drive outstanding outcomes.

Our innovative approach fuses the best of human creativity with

cutting-edge artificial intelligence, delivering tailored,

cost-effective, high-quality content through a seamless platform.

As an ensemble team of creators, developers, designers,

filmmakers and marketers, we share a vision to transform the

content landscape, raise the bar, and make effective

communication more accessible and inclusive – enabling valued

brands to build and nurture authentic connections with their

audiences, fostering lasting, meaningful relationships with people

across the globe.

A digital transformation

in the making

In a world where more people are talking and fewer are listening,

it becomes essential to elevate the conversation. Coined in 1935

as a counterpart to “audio" – which refers to sound or music

– the word “video" stems from the Latin phrase meaning “I see".

A visual message that engages our senses can be truly revelatory,

so what better way to captivate and inspire each other?

Discover the new way to create with us.

To infinity and beyond.

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