Behind the scenes

We are a Stockholm-based startup with a mission to make video

production faster, simpler and more worthwhile than ever. Better

content, better effect, and more winners. As producers,

filmmakers and developers, we set out to make it happen.

This vision took us to a model that combines the security of

personal project management with the power of network effects and an

integrated production system. Light Stage works because it allows

you to focus on the creative core of your offer.

A digital transformation

in the making

When more people are talking and fewer are listening, the level

must be raised. The word "video" was coined in 1935 as an

equivalent to "audio" which describes sound or music. It is a Latin

word meaning "I see...". A message that touches our senses

can be truly revelatory, so what better way to inspire people?

Discover the new way to create with us.

To infinity and beyond

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