Let there be Light


We’re a small team of storytellers, producers, filmmakers

and engineers with a vision to run the world’s most

accessible video production department.

The word “video” was coined in 1935 as a counterpart to

“audio” which describes sound or music. It’s a latin word

which means “I see…”. Indeed, a powerful impression can be

a revelation, so what better way to educate, entertain or

inspire people online?

A digital transformation

in the making


High-quality video production has long been out of reach

for most. Backed by years of expertise in the field, we

invented Light Stage to make any production easier, faster

and more efficient than ever.

Our model combines the ease of having your own expert

with the availability, clarity and power of a an integrated

production system. Discover the new way to create.

Let’s create life shaking, story making content.

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